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At ISP365 we offer various IT related services ranging from computer sales to website development and hosting to a global arena, and mostly everything in between. Our target market would be the small office home office entrepreneur, based anywhere around the globe who accept our terms and conditions relating to SPAM, Identity Theft, Pornography, etc. and do not necessarily have the time or knowledge to register, make monthly payments, setup, configure or maintain his or her own domain related services normally found with internet service providers. Therefore we assist with the basic processes required at the start-up of your domain. We do not bug clients with annoying and costly monthly payments or debit orders, instead we send the client a non-refundable invoice for the year in advance and once paid, you should only hear from us for the renewal reminder of your domain. This in return should allow you to focus on building your business and not wasting time on managing your domain administration or payments. If this explains your requirements, and you are satisfied that you understand the hosting service we offer as well as being assured that you can get in contact with us via email during office hours, then we are the company for you.

We recognise that our customers expect reliability and good value for money. It’s our commitment to earn and retain the trust that our customer place in us, and therefore we only make use of the best local and international service providers we can find with the best reliable uptime records and support structures. Feel free to contact us should you require furhter information.

At ISP365 we are able to assist our clients with registering domain names for hosting with ISP365. Domain names are low-cost investments in internet real-estate. Your domain name should match your company or product name, but if that is not possible or practical, consider to register domain names containing keywords you would like to attract visitors. Establish an identity and permanent home page for your business on the internet - no matter how many times you change ISPs.

The only characters allowed in a Domain Name are the 26 letters of the standard alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). A Domain cannot begin or end with a hyphen, but it can contain a hyphen. The governing body for Domain Name Registration is currently allowing up to 67 characters in including the following extension: | | .com | .co | .net | .org | .mobi | .tv | | .biz | .info | | .me

IT365 offers reliable cost effective hosting options for clients from all over the world, no matter your company size, location or income. You simply choose one of the cost effective packages we offer allowing the client to start small, and upgrade as the company grows. Over the years we have learned that simplicity sells, and it is for this reason we have implemented the annual package. No monthly annoying reminders to pay debit orders etc. but simply put, the client pays once off for the year ahead allowing the client to focus on business and not annoying ISP admin.

We act on behalf of the client to keep the domain up and running. The client will only be contacted via email to inform them of renewals, upgrades, etc. The following options are available: NICKEL, BRONZE, COPPER, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM & TITANIUM.

ISP365 offers comprehensive front-end static website design services, maintenance and optimization services at competitive prices. Any business from SOHO to CORPORATE around the globe will benefit from having a online presence in the form of a website, irrespective if they are a motorcycle club, guest house or even a school. Having a website will allow you to save money on large adverts in printed media, instead a smaller add can be used to point potential clients to your online portfolio allowing the attraction of more clients.

Client Satisfaction is our highest priority and we strive to rather under promise and over deliver. This means not just accomplishing the objectives our clients request, but advising and working with our clients to create a successful website over and above what they expected.

ISP365 are not tied to specific brands and are registered with most international IT suppliers in South Africa, allowing us to supply high quality IT equipment at reasonable prices to our clients. We have gained enough experience over the years to steer away from cost effective entry level solutions only costing more than anticipated in the long run, not to mention reliability. We therefore provide qualified advice to our clients when making use of our services.

We are therefore able to provide hardware and software for the SOHO to CORPORATE market with products ranging from desktop computers, laptops, servers, PDA’s, monitors, printers, firewalls, routers, IP Cameras, CCTV Solutions and all the software to match for operating systems, office applications, accounting software, security solutions, graphics design software as well as games.

The network requirements for any business have become the number one priority for communication and executing business transactions adequately around the clock. We have gained experience in the network ADSL, LAN, WAN, VOIP, WiFi, 3G, PABX & CCTV environments and realise that as a ISP we need to be able to assist our clients with most of the communication requirements. Since most devices are networked in one way or another, we have had the opportunity to register with most International Network Hardware suppliers allowing us to assist our clients with these requirements.

ISP365 can therefore provide hardware, software, installation & support for ADSL, LAN, WAN, VOIP, WiFi, 3G, PABX & CCTV requirements should it be required.

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