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Your company website consist of many pages of DATA in the form of text, images, etc. being coded together with HTML code, converted to the tantalising marketable content you see in your Internet browser whenever you access the Internet. All this information collectively form what is known as your website. In order to get clients to browse through your website, you'll need to put it in a place where everybody can access it, no matter where in the world they are from.

This is what "publishing your website" means. It merely entails uploading your website DATA onto a public web server from your PC via FTP software. Keeping your website on a public server is known as Web Hosting or Domain Hosting. Now, even though it is possible to host your own website by using a personal computer, it is far more common to use a Website Hosting company such as ISP365 who offers this service for a fee. As almost all webhosting companies offer different packages, ISP365 created this detailed list to assist you with making an informed choice about which Website Hosting package to use.

We act on behalf of the client to keep the domain up and running. The client will only be contacted via email to inform them of renewals, upgrades, etc. The following options are available: NICKEL, BRONZE, COPPER, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM & TITANIUM.

Our target market would be the small office home office entrepreneur, based anywhere around the globe who accept our terms and conditions relating to SPAM, Identity Theft, Pornography, etc. and do not necessarily have the time or knowledge to register, make monthly payments, setup, configure or maintain his or her own domain related services normally found with internet service providers. Based on this need, we started ISP365 to assist with the basic processes required at the start-up of your domain. Therefore we do not bug the client with annoying and costly monthly payments or debit orders, instead we send the client a non-refundable invoice for the year in advance and once paid, you should only hear from us for the renewal reminder of your domain. This in return should allow you to focus on building your business and not wasting time on managing your domain administration or payments. If this explains your requirements, and you are satisfied that you understand the hosting service we offer as well as being assured that you can get in contact with us via email during office hours, then we are the company for you.

Hosting Package Details:
- Pointer Starter Basic Advanced
Hosting Type: Linux Linux Linux Linux
Monthly Disk Space (MB): 500 1,000 1,500 3,000
Monthly Traffic (MB): 5,000 10,000 15,000 30,000
FTP Accounts: 50 100 150 300
Mailboxes / Email Accounts: 250 500 750 1500
Mailing Lists: 50 100 150 300
MySQL DATA bases: 50 100 150 300
Sub Domains: 5 10 15 30
Parked Domains: 5 10 15 30
Add-On Domains: 5 10 15 30
WordPress Support: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Joomla Support: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drupal Support: Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP Support: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front Page Extensions: Yes Yes Yes Yes
CGI Access: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Access: Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-mail Alias: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Responders: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spam Assassin: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Forwarding: Yes Yes Yes Yes
IMAP Support: Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMTP: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Access: No Yes Yes Yes
CPanel Access: Yes Yes Yes Yes
(Paid Per Year in Advance)
R 50 * R 75 * R 100 * R 125 *
(Paid Per Year in Advance)
R 600 * R 900 * R 1200 * R 1500 *
(Paid Per Year in Advance)
R 600 * R 900 * R 1200 * R 1500 *
* Subject to terms, valid for a limited time only, while stocks last, No Refunds, No VAT Charged, E&OE

At ISP365 we will gladly assist you with this process as well as offer you the following Hosting options paid for annually in advance:

Pointer R 600 * pa
Starter R 900 * pa
Basic R 1200 * pa
Advanced R 1500 * pa
* Subject to terms, valid for a limited time only, while stocks last, No Refunds, No VAT Charged, E&OE

For those individuals not technologically minded, we offer a basic Splash Page fee in order for your site to be active and operating once processed. By default a normal page registered with any ISP will only show the root folder of your website or a basic notice. What we offer for a basic fee would be to setup a standard Splash Page, branding your existing company logo, the setup of a standard email address on our server in the form of as well as a 086 fax number pointing to this email address, including a basic MailTo link from your splash page to your email address. Furthermore we would also add the META KEY WORDS as well as META DESCRIPTION single sentence, to allow your company to start trading whilst your actual website design is in the process. We also offer server side email address setup as well as 3rd party fax number setup for those who do not know how or do not have the time to do so as optional extras:

Splash Page Setup R 1500 * once off
Mailbox Setup per email R 150 * once off
Fax Number Setup per mailbox R 150 * once off
* Subject to terms, valid for a limited time only, while stocks last, No Refunds, No VAT Charged, E&OE

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